How to Write a Catchy Headline

In any printed work or medium, such as a magazine or a newspaper or online articles, people always read, or at least skim through the article headlines to understand what the article is all about. Headline of any written work is the first thing that a reader looks at. The headline acts as a get keeper and it determines whether the visitors will read your article, scan through it, or even scurries it off and look for content with an attractive subject matter. The following steps will help you to write a good headline that will attract attention of many readers thus help you get paid more to write.

1. You should understand the functions of a headline:
The following are the four main functions of a headline;
To get the attention of the audience,
To select or target a specific kind of an audience,
To deliver a complete article message in summary, and
To draw a reader into the passage
The main objective of the headline is to keep the client reading your work and therefore consider these functions if you want to come up with a good headline. If you want to get paid more to write, put in mind these four functions when designing a good headline.

2. Avoid All-capital lettered Headlines and Unnecessary punctuations
All capital-lettered headline looks like a rectangular block of print and any reader skimming the page might miss the main information in your article. Moreover, avoid using unnecessary punctuations, such as commas, fullstops, periods, exclamation marks, quotation and question marks. No one wants the reader to be stopped by anything of these when reading the headline.

3. Let it be simple, precise and understandable
Avoid using, technical jargons, abbreviations or words that are hard to understand. Use simple and understandable words that are straight to the point. The headline should also be as short as possible; don’t make it look like a paragraph. However, do not use blind headlines that do not reveal anything about your content.

4. Avoid being fancy
Use font types, font sizes and colors that many people are familiar with. If possible, use those that the editorial content of the publication in which you are publishing your work is using. Many readers ignore very fancy and screaming headlines.

Writing Is A Good Source of Income

Getting paid to write reviews seems like a dream come true to many people. If you are creative and like to play with words, you can turn that creative writing into cash. There are many websites that give you the opportunity to earn money by writing reviews of different products.

The internet gives many opportunities for freelance writers that had never existed before. With just one click of a mouse, you can gain entry into a massive market where you can earn decent money in freelance writing. The variety of writing opportunities for those looking to write as a source of income is wide. Writing reviews can be rewarding because not only do you get paid for your review, you also get to research and learn more about the products you are reviewing. While some people just look to writing to supplement their income, others turn it into a career.

By producing high quality reviews that contain sound content, you can easily make extra money each month. How much money you make all depends on how much time you are willing to spend. The more time you invest in writing reviews, the more money you will make. Typically, before you start a task, a price is agreed upon and you are paid upon the completion of the task. All you need to start getting paid to write reviews is a reliable internet connection and a good command of English.
Writing can be a good source of income if you are willing to put in the time it demands. The amount of money you can potentially make all depends on your time and writing skills. Whether you are just looking to make a little bit of extra cash each month or seeking a career in freelance writing, writing reviews could be the solution you are looking for.

Get Paid To Write In Todays Competitive World

Many people have a tough time when it comes to getting paid to write. However, this is because these individuals are looking in all the wrong places. There is a lot of money to be made by writers, but writers must follow the right path. A few key principles will help people locate the best writing jobs in the quickest amount of time.

Don't Shun Article Writing

Article writing is the easiest way a writer can make money. There are dozens of websites that specialize in article writing. These websites pay every week, and they pay well, too. Many writers stay away from article writing because they do not want to research products and information. However, you do not have to research products and information to be an article writer. There are many article websites that allow people to write about subjects they love. This allows writers to write as much or as little as they desire. After a while, writers will even have the opportunity to score personal clients.

Local Advertising Agencies

Another common and well paying writing job would be to write for an advertising agency. Every city has several advertising agencies. All of these agencies are always looking for writers to put together brochures and the like. Some story writers have found great jobs writing scripts for ad commercials. These types of jobs definitely pay the bills. They also become long-term by the building of relationships in the writing industry.

Don't Give Up

If people have a desire to get paid to write, they should never give up on their dream. For some it's to be a poet, for others a screenwriter, and for others a playwright. Regardless of the field, there is a writing job out there for every person that has the desire to write. Not giving up means winning half the battle.

SEO Paid to Write Writting – How to Beat the Odds?

Do you have a passion in writing or do you desire to dictate how much you earn by the end of the day? this is the only place where you get paid to write articles. SEO is the trending issue and the next big thing whether writing for other bloggers or even writing for customers directly. However, due to the rising competition levels find below how to rise above the odds and earn while you are at home.

Researcher – be a person who can go an extra mile in researching. This broadens your thinking and you are able to have content that matters and that are informative. Thinking out of box will always make you have unique content which always passes copyscape and also earns you confidence of not been rejected by your clients. A good researcher will always have an eye catching introduction and keep flow of the article unbroken.

Disciplined – having no one to stand by you, watch your steps and even supervise your action can be a disaster in waiting. A good SEO writer will always have discipline of his/her working time. Without command of your time you are likely to do very little and waste most of your time.

Goal oriented – having a target to beat by the end of the day or month or even a speculated time will always make you have a rewarding career at home. Having attainable goals will make you stretch to producing the best out of you.

Good grammar command – like any other communication SEO depends on the written language. Been able to command good grammar, articulate issues and even understand the topic of writing will always earn you a stable customer base.

Practice yoga or simple exercises – the job always require one to be sited and concentrated for best results. However, this can be tiresome and very unproductive to your health. Doing some exercises always refreshes your mind and more so reduce fatigue.

This will always work for you if you have to get paid to write articles.

Online Freelance Writing Jobs

It is sometimes very hard to find a formal job due to the ever increasing competition in the job market. Online freelance writing jobs provide a perfect opportunity for those who do not have any source of income to earn some money. There are many online freelance writing projects that are offered by different companies for you to do.

You can do online writing projects full time or part-time depending on how busy you are. Some of the basic requirements that are needed for one to become an online freelance writer include a good command of languages as well as excellent research skills. You are also supposed to be familiar with some of the major referencing and formatting styles.

The price of online jobs depends on the length and complexity of the job. Many companies pay writers according to the number of pages written. The price per page normally varies from one writing project to another. Examples of online freelance writing jobs include writing website articles, blog articles, eBook content and research papers. You should therefore try online freelance writing jobs to boost your income.

A Couple of Easy Ways to Get Famous

One of the easiest ways to get famous is to create a video and upload it on YouTube or a social media platform. If you have something interesting to say, something cool to show off with, then success is pretty much guaranteed. You'll need a little bit of patience in order to get there, but it'll come, as long as you constantly add new stuff for your dedicated viewers.
The second thing you could do is go on auditions - if you're a talented singer, go for a singing contest. If you're good at acting, go for auditions for parts in minor roles. You never know who's watching and picks you up for the role of your life.
There are plenty of other ways to get famous - you only need to keep in mind what you're good at and try to sell it to others.

Common Scams Used To Make Money

Common Scams Used To Make Money

The internet is a heaven for unscrupulous scammers out to make billions of dollars by stealing from innocent internet users. Unless you remain vigilant when using the internet, you could easily get spammed by fraudsters. Even though spammers are constantly devising ways of swindling internet users out of their money, you need to be wary of the common scams used to make money. Here are some common scams to make money.

Fake green card deals

These are spam messages notifying you that you have won a green card, and that you need to pay a specified amount of administration fee. Please ignore such messages.

Fake dates

If you have recently registered with a dating site, you may be contacted by potential dates hailing from different parts of the world. If these dates start asking money from your, take care lest you be lured by these fake dates, which are some of the common scams used to make money.

Council tax discount

These are also scams used for making money. A notification is sent to you, requesting you to start making payments by direct debit in order to get a discount. However, you are reminded that you must pay a specified amount of administration fee.

Online Jobs That Pay


There are so many freelance writers who are earning six figure salaries. However the pay will vary widely depending on the website you are writing for. The secret is to shop around for the best paying website. Marketing

Another online job that is paying well is online marking. You could start selling item on eBay or if this seems hard for you, affiliate marketing also pays well. These jobs normally involve part time work with a certain company as opposed to contract jobs for individual assignments in freelance writing.

Online financial advisory jobs

Especially when it comes close to the year end or tax time, online financial services become one of the online jobs that pay very well. It has been ranked by money magazine among the top 50 independent jobs that pays well.

Graphic and web design online job

This is another online job that pays well especially now when people are increasingly making decisions to start business on their own. They are demanding online experts who can help them design websites turning online web design to a lucrative job. This field is projected to grow by a 13% clip during a 10 years period ending 2018.


‘How To’ Writing Ideas

Some of the best pieces that you will read online are those that explain how to do things. Coming up with the best piece on steps like these does not just happen. Here are a few how to writing ideas.

-Be precise and to the point. The fact that people are going to follow the steps means that they want to be as close to the correct way of doing it as possible. To much fluff could confuse your audience.

-Number your points accurately. ensure that there is a clear separation between the points in order of how the task should be done. Do not mix up the activities.

-Use illustrations you get the point home. If you can use pictorial presentation on every step showing what you mean, the readers will have an easier time interpreting the information.

-Make sure that you describe and name all the tools and equipment you are using for the purpose of clarity. Do not assume that a reader will guess the model or number of tool you used to achieve a certain feat. The point is to eliminate any guesswork.

Salary of Different Kinds of Writers

The main job of freelance writers includes writing novels, reports, articles as well as other documents. Freelance writer salary is dependent on the kind of writing that you do. There are different kinds, and these include technical writers, general writers, copywriters, screenwriters and technical writers. The following represent the salaries of different kinds of writers.


Writers Market estimates that a copywriter takes home an average of $83 an hour. The minimum wage is $35 while the highest paid writer receives $150. This was as of 2011.


The average pay for these movie and video writers was $100,060 per annum as of May of 2011. The same screenwriter but who works in the television sector earned an average of $67,770.

General Writing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a general writer made an average of $97,300 per year, or $ 46.78 an hour. This puts these kinds of writers in upper 75% section of writers’ salary.

Technical Writers

These averaged $67,460 which translated to roughly $32.43 an hour. This was in May 2011.