Online Freelance Writing Jobs

It is sometimes very hard to find a formal job due to the ever increasing competition in the job market. Online freelance writing jobs provide a perfect opportunity for those who do not have any source of income to earn some money. There are many online freelance writing projects that are offered by different companies for you to do.

You can do online writing projects full time or part-time depending on how busy you are. Some of the basic requirements that are needed for one to become an online freelance writer include a good command of languages as well as excellent research skills. You are also supposed to be familiar with some of the major referencing and formatting styles.

The price of online jobs depends on the length and complexity of the job. Many companies pay writers according to the number of pages written. The price per page normally varies from one writing project to another. Examples of online freelance writing jobs include writing website articles, blog articles, eBook content and research papers. You should therefore try online freelance writing jobs to boost your income.

A Couple of Easy Ways to Get Famous

One of the easiest ways to get famous is to create a video and upload it on YouTube or a social media platform. If you have something interesting to say, something cool to show off with, then success is pretty much guaranteed. You'll need a little bit of patience in order to get there, but it'll come, as long as you constantly add new stuff for your dedicated viewers.
The second thing you could do is go on auditions - if you're a talented singer, go for a singing contest. If you're good at acting, go for auditions for parts in minor roles. You never know who's watching and picks you up for the role of your life.
There are plenty of other ways to get famous - you only need to keep in mind what you're good at and try to sell it to others.

Common Scams Used To Make Money

Common Scams Used To Make Money

The internet is a heaven for unscrupulous scammers out to make billions of dollars by stealing from innocent internet users. Unless you remain vigilant when using the internet, you could easily get spammed by fraudsters. Even though spammers are constantly devising ways of swindling internet users out of their money, you need to be wary of the common scams used to make money. Here are some common scams to make money.

Fake green card deals

These are spam messages notifying you that you have won a green card, and that you need to pay a specified amount of administration fee. Please ignore such messages.

Fake dates

If you have recently registered with a dating site, you may be contacted by potential dates hailing from different parts of the world. If these dates start asking money from your, take care lest you be lured by these fake dates, which are some of the common scams used to make money.

Council tax discount

These are also scams used for making money. A notification is sent to you, requesting you to start making payments by direct debit in order to get a discount. However, you are reminded that you must pay a specified amount of administration fee.

Online Jobs That Pay


There are so many freelance writers who are earning six figure salaries. However the pay will vary widely depending on the website you are writing for. The secret is to shop around for the best paying website. Marketing

Another online job that is paying well is online marking. You could start selling item on eBay or if this seems hard for you, affiliate marketing also pays well. These jobs normally involve part time work with a certain company as opposed to contract jobs for individual assignments in freelance writing.

Online financial advisory jobs

Especially when it comes close to the year end or tax time, online financial services become one of the online jobs that pay very well. It has been ranked by money magazine among the top 50 independent jobs that pays well.

Graphic and web design online job

This is another online job that pays well especially now when people are increasingly making decisions to start business on their own. They are demanding online experts who can help them design websites turning online web design to a lucrative job. This field is projected to grow by a 13% clip during a 10 years period ending 2018.


‘How To’ Writing Ideas

Some of the best pieces that you will read online are those that explain how to do things. Coming up with the best piece on steps like these does not just happen. Here are a few how to writing ideas.

-Be precise and to the point. The fact that people are going to follow the steps means that they want to be as close to the correct way of doing it as possible. To much fluff could confuse your audience.

-Number your points accurately. ensure that there is a clear separation between the points in order of how the task should be done. Do not mix up the activities.

-Use illustrations you get the point home. If you can use pictorial presentation on every step showing what you mean, the readers will have an easier time interpreting the information.

-Make sure that you describe and name all the tools and equipment you are using for the purpose of clarity. Do not assume that a reader will guess the model or number of tool you used to achieve a certain feat. The point is to eliminate any guesswork.

Salary of Different Kinds of Writers

The main job of freelance writers includes writing novels, reports, articles as well as other documents. Freelance writer salary is dependent on the kind of writing that you do. There are different kinds, and these include technical writers, general writers, copywriters, screenwriters and technical writers. The following represent the salaries of different kinds of writers.


Writers Market estimates that a copywriter takes home an average of $83 an hour. The minimum wage is $35 while the highest paid writer receives $150. This was as of 2011.


The average pay for these movie and video writers was $100,060 per annum as of May of 2011. The same screenwriter but who works in the television sector earned an average of $67,770.

General Writing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a general writer made an average of $97,300 per year, or $ 46.78 an hour. This puts these kinds of writers in upper 75% section of writers’ salary.

Technical Writers

These averaged $67,460 which translated to roughly $32.43 an hour. This was in May 2011.

Important Things Someone Should Know About Freelance Sports Writing Job

Majority of people participate in writing jobs to earn a pay and to improve their writing skills such as grammar. The writing is based on different topics and a writer only chooses a topic from his or her field of interest. Freelance sports writing jobs involve writing articles about sports and hence sport writing is only ideal to writers who enjoy following professional and college sports. A sport writer is meant to entertain and educate people about what is happening within the world of sports.

Apart from having interest in sports, a sports writer must have ample time not only to write but also to check the internet regularly to see where jobs are. The sport writer must also be able to meet deadlines and have access to these sports events to be able to write about them.

A sport writer can visit the web which is a major tool for searching these freelance sports writing jobs. A writer should have the determination to succeed and should improve his writing skills as he search for these jobs.

Freelance Jobs From Home

It has been quite common trend nowadays to shift from a conventional office-bound job to freelance job where work can be carried out from home. People find it quite lucrative because of various reasons. Firstly, freelance jobs from home offer tremendous flexibility in terms of working hours and managing schedules. Secondly, they are quite cost-saving because one need not travel to the workplace.

There are freelance jobs from home available for almost every niche. Writers, music directors, editors, photographers, lawyers, consultants, teachers and so many other professions can find endless jobs on the websites with attractive opportunity to earn handsome money.

However, it better to be little bit skeptical while finding freelance jobs from home. There should be no hurry in selecting jobs without checking the validity. Good quality websites always provide complete contact details and contact numbers that can be cross-checked.

Freelance jobs from home bring great opportunity to earn and elevate financial status!

How to Get Paid to Write a Book

Whether you are a stay at home parent or someone who is in need of cash, expressing your own idea is a great way to earn money. The benefit of selling your idea is that it is unique and rewarding. No two minds are alike. If you enjoy writing and expressing who you are, why not get paid to do something you have a passion for? A guy once told me if you are good at something, never do it for free. If you write a story that captivates other readers and you have them mesmerized with your writing, getting paid to write is rewarding. The more supporters and readers you have, the more likely they are to spread your masterpiece around for that sweet revenue.

How to get paid to write a book?

Making a book is the most easiest way to get started because you can make a book any time. The only force that is stopping you from making a book is you. Write about anything that comes to mind. Once you have formed the basis of your book, you can get paid for the work you have done. Your book does not have to be published. It's the idea that is being judged. Going to a site that pays you depending on how much web traffic (people that visit your page) you get on a daily basis is the fastest way to earn money. Make an account on Hubpages and Squidoo and after creating your website, post your book on there and share your website. The golden rule is the more people you tell, the more money you earn. If you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, messaging each one of them to visit your site and telling them to share the link will earn you a significant amount of money. That's the easiest way on how to get paid to write a book.

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Learn to Get Paid to Write Reviews

Writing reviews can be a big thing over the internet. The worldwide web is such a big marketplace that every new product, service, or offering has to be duly reviewed by unbiased internet users, most of them bloggers, for all the others learn from. These reviews carry a lot of weight for they can influence the reader whether to avail or avoid a certain product, service, or opportunity.

Creating unbiased reviews can also be a lucrative writing opportunity. To get paid to write reviews, the first thing you should do is to get affiliated with a big website or company that offers such an opportunity. That company will serves as your middleman. They will find the things, product, services, or promotions that you’ll make the review of and you’ll do the writing. They will pay you for every article you submit to them. In this setup, the company will be the one to assign you a task.

Traffic is another way to get paid to write reviews. This is how most independent bloggers earn their wares. They setup a blog site and they review almost everything and anything that they want. They won’t be paid per article but high are the chances that they’ll attract organic traffic to their own sites because of their great reviews. As online advertisers get a whiff of how influential a blog site or a blogger is, they commission him or her personally to write about the new product or service that they are offering. More often than not, these advertisers are willing to pay for the review that the blogger will produce for them. They will also provide them with a sample of the product or a free access to the service that they are offering.

It’s not hard to be paid to write reviews although do note that you won’t be able to realize your earnings out of it immediately. The first thing you should do is to focus on how to build your reputation as an honest and thorough reviewer so that web surfers will look forward to your new reviews all the time